Wildlife Wonders: Are There Alligators in Tampa?

The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is a well-known creature that reminds us of wild swamps. These big reptiles are from the Crocodylia order and have lived in the southeastern US for a long time. They look tough with their armored skin and strong jaws, and … Read more

Exploring the Truth: Are There Alligators in Jamaica?

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A Closer Look: Do Alligators Have Good Eyesight?

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Secrets Revealed: Why Don’t Alligators Eat Capybaras?

In South America’s wetlands, alligators and capybaras exhibit a unique coexistence. Despite being an apex predator, alligator attacks on capybaras are rare. Factors such as the capybara’s social behavior, defense tactics, and the alligator’s hunting preferences may explain “Why don’t alligators eat Capybaras?”. This relationship … Read more

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